Industrial Doctorate Projects

Doctorand: Bartrons Casademont, Eduard. Title: Numerical simulation of frost growth and densification using deformable and static grids Lecture of thesis: 17/07/2018 Mark: Excellent – Cum Laude Doctorand: Gutiérrez Álvarez, Enrique. Title: Numerical simulation of bubbles and drops in complex geometries by using dynamic meshes Lecture of thesis: 05/10/2018 Mark: Excellent – Cum Laude Doctorand: Antepara Zambrano, Oscar Luis. Title: Adaptive mesh refinement method for CFD applications Lecture of thesis: 10/01/2019 Mark: Excellent – Cum Laude

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A New proTection devIce for FOD (ANTIFOD)

The main objective of this innovation action is to develop a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) protection device applied to an electrical ECS fresh air inlet, validated to TRL5. This will be achieved through the following two-stage design process, each with their own secondary objectives: 1. Preliminary design, which aims to: a. capture the top level requirements through a survey of the user needs and used to develop a set of baseline candidate concepts. b. use innovative design methods to conduct…

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